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We Are The STormwater Compliance Experts

Diane T. Baum founded a consulting firm 15 years ago to serve various industries with wastewater permits and other environmental regulatory requirements. As a former Departmental of Environmental Quality (DEQ) employee, she developed an understanding of the regulatory system that led her to create low-cost, customer friendly alternatives to the more expensive environmental services typically available. 

Stormwater compliance procedures can be burdensome. Busy construction personnel have little time to tend to the red tape involved. Often, this lack of stormwater oversight is highlighted when it is too late and fines have been implemented. If adoption of a stormwater management plan has not taken place, the company is at risk daily for fines and violations. This not only can cost thousands of dollars in fines, but can ruin a company's reputation. Having a fine or environmental violation on the record can only hurt the company in future endeavors.

"Stormwater regulations are here to stay. I wanted to create a simple, low-cost solution so that contractors have an easy choice in outsourcing the entire management of stormwater compliance. We then take over stormwater management for the construction project and remove the burden from our clients."

-Diane T. Baum, CEO

Stormwater is what we focus on. The staff at makes sure that contractors are on the correct path to stormwater compliance and assist with all phases of a project.


We continually keep up-to-date on new stormwater regulations and requirements as they develop. We review modifications to local and state stormwater compliance procedures and review any adjustments that need to be made as a result.


Below is a list of additional services that we provide:

  • As a sub-contractor, we have that proper professional environmental liability insurance, general liability insurance and requirements to meet all company guidelines.

  • We provide regulation required "notification signs" posted at the site to provide contact information.

  • Our technology-driven service allows for 24-hour review for concerned citizens and inspectors to communicate with us about a project.

  • We represent the client in meetings with regulators and provide liaison duties with the general public about stormwater management.

  • We are familiar with contacts throughout the stormwater regulatory community to ensure proper communication with the right people. This helps in curtailing any further action that can develop into stop-work orders or fines.

From stormwater permits and plans to erosion control supplies and installation, we provide the whole menu of stormwater services to meet our clients' needs!

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