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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (aka SWPPPs) bring together all the elements of stormwater management for a project site. It provides a narrative format for regulators to determine if due diligence was performed and to track any changes that occured during various project phases. It is also a document that allows contractors to follow and administer requirements based on local, state and federal guidelines. This plan can include local or state permits, receipts for erosion control services and supplies and correspondence between subcontractors. The main purpose is to have a comprehensive plan that can be followed and changed according to best management practices (BMPs) for a project.


Stormwater plans should never be performed in a cut-and-paste fashion. Cut-and-paste plans are unacceptable to EPA and DEQ. These stormwater plans require detail about the project and continual changes and supplementary material. Fines and violations can be placed for non-compliant or cut-and-paste plans. 


GreenRoads360 can produce comprehensive stormwater plans and provide them on-line on short notice to inspectors and project managers. This allows for less paperwork and easier access. We will create a webpage for your project at our subsidiary ( and upload documents for review and archival purposes. A username and password is all that is needed to view entire project details and documents. We make sure your stormwater management is compliant with all current regulatory requirements and best practices.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) includes each of the following sections which may be modified throughout the project life. Remember, the plan is dynamic and is considered a "living document" that may be changed weekly and monthly to adjust for changes to the site.


Section 1: Site Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning

Section 2: Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Section 3: Good Housekeeping BMPs

Section 4: Selecting Post-Construction BMPs

Section 5: Inspection

Section 6: Recordkeeping and Training

Section 7: Final Stabilization

Section 8: Certification and Notification


Additional items that should be attached to the stormwater plans:


1, General Location Map

2, Site Maps

3. Construction General Permit

4. NOI and Acknowledgement Letter from EPA\State

5. Inspection Reports

6. Corrective Action Log

7. SWPPP Admendment Log

8. Subcontractor Certifications/Agreements

9. Grading and Stabilization Activities Log

10. Training Log

11. Delegation of Authority

12. Additional Information (i.e., Endangered Species and Historic Preservation Documentaries)


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